What Is Tinnitus?

Some people think they may have tinnitus but just aren’t certain. They need to know what is tinnitus exactly. They may have been hearing noises in their ears or an irritating ringing but are not sure if it is serious. However, going to a doctor will usually give you clarification. However as yet there is no tinnitus treatment available – so what do I need to know about tinnitus?

Some people experience a sound that seems further away like a vacuum cleaner, others hear a whistling or a whining in their ears. Often people hear buzzing. Sometimes they get headaches as well and some people even experience vertigo. This buzzing or ringing, etc. in your ears is really annoying and it never stops! Over time it can make your life very difficult. It is not an overtly serious condition though.

If your doctor does diagnose you with tinnitus, he might prescribe medication to help alleviate your symptoms. There are a lot of natural remedies that may help as well as simple advice to make your life easier. You can find out more through the american tinnitus association.

Reducing loud noises in your immediate environment is a very good way to help yourself. This is apparently one of the main causes for tinnitus. While some noise is out of your control – if you live on a busy street where the traffic never stops, for example, you can control the noise you make yourself. So stop listening to loud music and turn the TV down a bit. You can also get some of those soft earplugs to put in your ears when there is loud noise that is outside of your control.

This condition is very stressful as it never lets up. Start exercising to help relieve your stress. Yoga could also be very beneficial. Meditation is definitely worth a try.

Tinnitus sufferers are often totally focused on the noises they hear in their ears and it’s hard to be otherwise. However, if you make a conscious effort to focus on other things, this can help you. For example you can read a book and let the words you are reading overtake the sounds in your ears. Another way is to turn on soft music and concentrate on that instead. Here are some famous people who suffer from tinnitus.

Some foods aggravate the condition as well. Salt, sugar, glutamates and MSG can cause ear damage. Coffee and alcohol can also be triggers. Processed foods and drinks should also be avoided. Be aware of what you eat and what effect it has on the tinnitus. Making entries in a food journal may also help.

If you have tinnitus, don’t give up as there are many ways to alleviate the symptoms so you can lead a happy and productive life.